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Synergy Roofing also provides affordable siding in New Orleans, we are an all purpose construction contractor company. Just one of our services is siding. Synergy Roofing in New Orleans provides a wide range of services dedicated to protecting your home. Therefore we provide a wide range of siding services.  Including affordable siding in New Orleans, so if you’re looking for siding installation or repair, Synergy Roofing has the answer. Additionally with our certified installers, our crew works with vinyl, aluminum, and cedar shake siding.



Your home is constantly at the mercy of the elements, and the Louisiana weather can be merciless. So renew and rejuvenate your home with our cost effective siding service. Siding protects the against weather erosion, hail damage, and beautifies your home. The extra insulation from siding increases your homes R-value, keeps it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Allowing you to use less energy to make your home more comfortable. Lowering your energy costs and proving itself a very profitable home investment.

We can also provide decorative trim and accent pieces that, along with siding, create the desired exterior look of your home. Although we’re affordable, we don’t  cut corners, we provide results that lastNot looking for siding? Want to clean the exterior you already have? Visit our sister site New Orleans Power washing.