Maintaining Your Roof….the Right way

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A roof is expensive, because it is necessary. And many claims in the construction stem from roof defects.  There are many steps a property owner can take to reduce these defects, This includes regular inspections, exploiting your roofing warranties, and using insured, licensed roofing contractors.


Regular Inspections

Having a roofing inspection performed twice a year is a sound investment. It is an excellent way to catch minor problems before they become major problems, such as a roof replacement. Not catching these issues can be costly.

But, some of the most common defects are caused by roofing contractors, due to improper installation, poor workmanship, or defective materials. This can lead to blistering, billowing, and water intrusion.

Consider your choices for a roofing contractor carefully.


Hiring your EXPERIENCED roofer

Roofing can SEEM simple, many is the roofer’s helper that decided to put up their own shingle and decide they know what they’re doing. But lack of roofing experience has played a big role in the roofing defects. Additionally, if

these amateurs are injured on your property you can be liable for their injuriees and property damage.

Use your warranties

It is important to work with roofing contractors that are certified in all major roofing systems and also go above and beyond to provide the best quality, warranties,  and purchasing opportunities.

Roofing contractors need to be certified by the manufactures in order to provide the best service. Make certain your contractor has passed these hurdles before hiring them for your task. Or contact us at Synergy Roofing New Orleans for an experienced roofing contractor that has passed these hurdles and others.



Learn Metal roofing pros and cons

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metal roofing Synergy Roofing New Orleans roofingneworleans.netThere are a lot of benefits when considering installing a metal roof over many other roofing systems. Metal roofs are the prevalent choices for home owners. Such as:




  • Metal roofing is very durable against the elements, they withstand many weather conditions, regardless of the severity.
  • Also Metal roofs are proven to be more fire retardant in case of fire, it will take longer for them to burn into flames.
  • Metal roofing last longer The average lifespan of most metal roofs are anywhere between 40-70 years.
  • More energy efficient Metal roofs have greater energy efficiency levels, they will reduce your energy bills and cooling costs.

Compared to other roofing systems, metal roofs last longer. They can last between 40-70 years when installed correctly-possibly longer depending on your own diligence in maintaining them.

Additionally and surprisingly they can actually be quieter compared to other roofing such as asphalt, tile, slate, and cedar shake. Even during hail metal roofing is quieter.  Because most metal roofs have a sound buffer. Beneath metal roofs there is Solid sheathing to insulate the sounds.


As beneficial as metal roofing is, there are drawbacks. The initial cost can be, well, costly. Additionally, metal roofing is prone to denting, which goes back to that diligent maintenance also mentioned previously.


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